Confident people are rule breakers, risk takers, and TruthBlazers.®


Confidence — Show It. Own It. Communicate It.

The good news for women like us is that there are more women-centric workplaces than ever before. Some are companies started by women. The others are companies that stopped holding back the outstanding women inside the organization.

Those companies saw that women leaders have more places to work than ever. And some women do leave. But, that doesn’t have to happen. Your company can reach out to its next leaders with the training they need to excel in your organization.

They already know the job. They know the company, and the clients, and the way things work.

What’s left?

Learning how to show it, own it and communicate it.

So it’s clear when they’re in charge, and why.


Rave Reviews. Real Results.

"Blanca was our afternoon keynote speaker for our Global Women’s Conference and what a time we had. The reason I chose her was because she was gonna talk about the positive impressions women can make just by the nonverbal expressions in the workplace. And she did a fabulous job! Come, learn about her. Secure her as your keynote speaker for your next conference, for your next event. You will not regret it."

Cheryl Lindsay

Director, Global Community Relations, Hanesbrands



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