Emotions Behind the Mask

COVID Edition

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Look Beyond The Mask

A Guide to Reading Emotional Queues During a Global Crisis

The world is in a state of anxiety. And with face masks becoming the norm across the globe, it seems like the barriers to effective communication are endless. 

Have face masks left you struggling to accurately read facial expressions?

Having difficulty connecting with clients and customers?

Has the “new normal” got you feeling anxious during micro-interactions?

Everyone’s goal is to communicate effectively. It helps avoid friction during daily interactions and reminds us of how lucky we are to be emotionally aware creatures.

Learn how to adapt to the current times and understand facial expressions “above the mask” in this science-backed body language resource. 

Discover The “Secret Sauce” to Truly Meaningful Relations That Nobody is Talking About

By learning how to read microexpressions in the eyes, eyebrows, and forehead, you can:

✔️ Eliminate anxiety and confusion in conversation
✔️ Create instant rapport at work or with clients
✔️ Fully understand and empathize with the emotions of others
✔️ Reduce chances of conflict from miscommunication
✔️ Become more socially aware in all facets of life

This eBook is a guideline for discerning how other people feel with ease. As a result, you’ll open up more doors of opportunity in your world.

Masterful Communication in as Little as 1 Week

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn, how you’ll implement it, and how it can positively alter your life as we continue into a long and restrictive pandemic.

➡️ Visually Learn Useful Microexpressions

Forget confusing text walls and jargon terminology. This eBook teaches you how to read emotions using images and real-world photographs so you can accurately gauge your subject in any and all circumstances.  

➡️ Read Subtle Body Language

Communication doesn’t stop at the head. Learn how to read subtle changes in body language that can hint at the true message and feelings of whoever you’re interacting with. 

➡️ Elevate Your Social Status

It’s no secret that those who can relate and empathize with others win favor. Emotional intelligence can unlock new social avenues and opportunities that you never knew existed. 

➡️ Expand Your Network 

Whether it’s new friends, partners, or employers, forging new connections and expanding your network starts here. 

➡️ Bonus Material and Cheat Sheet

Access your very own cheat sheet with detailed descriptions on how to read facial expressions with ease. Perfectly applicable and easily implemented into everyday life. You don’t need a Master’s in Psychology to start building bonds.

Meet Your Coach

Hola, I’m Blanca Cobb, internationally recognized Body Language Expert and TV personality with 10+ years teaching the world how to communicate without friction. 

In that time, I’ve been featured in 200+ articles, 90+ worldwide publications, and over 930 television appearances. I’ve even had the pleasure of being invited to the likes of The Steve Harvey Show, the Today Show, Dr. Oz Show, and Meghan Kelly Today. 

Effective communication is what I teach. But meaningful relationships and interactions are at the heart of what I do. I’d love for you to check out my website at blancacobb.com so you can discover how the nuances of communication can change your life. 

Tons of free content and ultra-valuable resources are waiting for you inside. 


From Confusion to Clarity With Blanca Cobb 

Join The Evolution of Communication

The current pandemic has created a massive opportunity for you to level-up your social skills and become a superior communicator. 

This eBook will get you there faster. 

Consider it a culmination of a decade of experience, knowledge, and learning bundled into one resource that will clear the confusion, provide calm on command, and boost your confidence during the moments most – whatever they may be.



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