Great Depth of Knowledge, Engaging

"As a seminar leader and key note speaker, it is difficult for others in this field to impress me. My expectations are high. Blanca Cobb exceeds these standards. Blanca has depth of knowledge in body language and deception detection, presents professionally and engages her audience enthusiastically. I would recommend Blanca Cobb without hesitation."

Michele Pollard Patrick
President, National Protocol

Expert in Detecting Deception

“Blanca Cobb is one of the top experts on detecting deception. Blanca’s expertise on analyzing what people say and how they say it is unbelievable. I was privileged to be one of her students and benefit from her highly inspiring and informative teaching.”

Andrew Tham
Certified Trainer of NLP, Neuro-Semantics and the BLI Program “You Can’t Lie to Me,” from Malaysia

Incredible Ability to Decode Actions

"I have worked with Blanca Cobb on many occasions and have found her insight into people’s body language and word choices to be amazing! Blanca has an incredible ability to decode people’s actions. I’ve become more skilled in reading the meaning behind someone’s words from the statement analysis techniques Blanca has taught me. I highly recommend Blanca Cobb to anyone who wants to get an edge in both their professional and personal lives.”

Marti Miller
Private Investigator

Trusted Expert

“As a journalist and news anchor it is imperative that we have experts in whom we trust to help us convey comprehensive stories to our viewers. Blanca Cobb was that expert for me during the 2012 presidential campaign. We at WFMY-TV, Greensboro, NC, wanted to go beyond what we heard and talk about the candidate's body language. Even viewers who were tired of hearing about the candidates were facinated when we sat down with Blanca to watch their 60 Minute interviews. Her approach was informative and refreshing in that it challenged both me and our viewers to examine our own body language. It is the kind of expertise that translates into something we all can use. I found myself several times during the 60 Minutes program thinking both candidates would have done better had Blanca been their coach.
I look forward to the next time we will be able to use Blanca on air and would recommend her highly for anyone looking to improve their image or find the truth in what they are hearing from others."


Invaluable Training

"We loved having Blanca Cobb come and speak to the Triad Association of Black Journalists. As journalists, we interact with people every day, so learning about the non-verbal cues people could be giving off was invaluable to help us become better reporters – to know when there could be more to a story, or worth our time to ask another question or push a little harder. The workshop definitely influenced the way I think and interact with people, professionally and personally! We’re so glad Blanca was able to come and would love to have her come out again!"


Fascinating Topic, Engaging Speaker

"Blanca Cobb is one of the most interesting and engaging speakers I've heard in a long time. She has a unique perspective and is able to share not only a fascinating topic, but to relate to the audience why it is important to understand body language and how it is useful in everyday life. In addition, she is expert on the topic, and truly imparts practical information. I highly recommend her!"

Adrienne Cregar Jandler
Atlantic Webworks

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