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Blanca Cobb:Personalized Coaching and Group TrainingBlanca specializes in delivering both individual coaching and group training in the form of personalized one-on-one sessions,  group classes, and workshops. Topics range from business-oriented body language cues, to highly specialized industry topics, such as her extensive, and critically acclaimed Detecting Deception series designed for law enforcement.

Training can be customized to the specific needs of each client. In addition, there are a number of pre-developed topics which are available upon request. Please see below for a listing of some of the most popular pre-developed programs.

Popular Training Programs

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Business Development (Sales)

Increase Sales by Changing “Maybe” to “Yes”...
Body Language Secrets for the Sales Professional

  • Learn effective body language gestures that establish immediate rapport with your clients
  • Spot discrepancies between what your clients say and what their body language actually reveals
  • Identify body language which indicates uncertainty and possible deception, allowing you to address hidden concerns

Journalists & Media Professionals

Getting the Full Story in 15 Minutes

  • Discover the body language moves to instantly put your interviewees at ease before the camera or tape recorder rolls
  • Spot the facial micro-expressions that indicate how your interviewees are really feeling even though their words indicate differently
  • Decipher the top 10 verbal “hot spots” that suggest there is more to the stor
  • Practice strategic questions that target the truth so you can get the whole story

Medical & Dental Professionals

Making the Patient Connection

Due to the increase in health care insurance regulations and bureaucracy, medical and dental professionals find they have less time with their patients. Less time can make effective communication a challenge. Learn how to make the patient connection by increasing rapport and patient confidence and by decreasing the likelihood of unnecessary tests and misdiagnoses.

  • Increase patient rapport and comfort by using 3 simple body language moves
  • Learn which body language moves convey sensitivity and support when you must deliver sad news
  • Identify the verbal “hot spots” that indicate patients aren’t giving you their complete medical history and/or symptoms
  • Spot the subtle nonverbal signs of patient anxiety so you can take action to improve their health care experience

Attorneys & Legal Professionals

Obtaining the Truth: The Cornerstone of Justice

A startling headline: One of the most difficult challenges in the legal profession is determining if someone is being straightforward. Judges and attorneys perform no better than chance in detecting deceit. Attorneys focus on the legal arguments to make their case whereas judges focus on the interpretation of the law. With training, judges and attorneys can improve their lie detecting skills by 25 to 50 percent.

  • Distinguish body language gestures that indicate emotional stress and possible deception
  • Spot the most common verbal phrases that indicate deception
  • Identify hidden emotions through facial micro-expression analysis

Law Enforcement

A stunning fact: Law enforcement’s detecting deception abilities are no better than the general public. Yikes! It’s time to explode the myths of shifty eyes, fidgety legs and shoulder shrugs to determine if a suspect is leveling with you. In high stakes situations, it’s imperative law enforcement is knowledgeable of both the verbal and nonverbal tricks suspects use to throw you off their trail.

  • Learn effective, yet simple body language maneuvers to make suspects want to talk to you
  • Remove the #1 obstacle that blocks your ability to hone in on the truth
  • See through hidden emotions based on facial micro-expressions
  • Distinguish between body language gestures that indicate emotional stress and potential deception
  • Identify the most common verbal “hot spots” that suggest there’s more to the story
  • Develop strategic questioning to get to the truth based on the suspects‘ nonverbal and verbal messages

Educators & Teens

Body Language Moves and Verbal Statements That Scream Danger is Near

National statistics indicate that 1 out of every 4 students is bullied in school. The effects of bullying range from low self-esteem to violence towards self and others. An analysis of the effectiveness of anti-bullying prevention programs is modest. The greatest impact is on the knowledge and attitudes about bullying, not in modifying bullying behaviors. With this startling finding, we must educate ourselves and our students about both the verbal and nonverbal indicators of potential violence.

  • Distinguish among the different glares that suggest impending violence
  •  Spot the deceptive verbal statements so you won’t be manipulated into believing the lies and to avoid becoming the next victim
  • See through the veiled facial micro-expressions of bullies that reveal how they are really feeling regardless of what they are saying
  • Identify the threatening body language gestures so you can protect yourself from danger

Parents, Grandparents and Foster Parents

Parent-Child Communication Connection

The number one reason kids shut parents out is because they don’t feel like they are listened to. Kids feel that they are lectured and told what to do. They want their opinions to matter. They want to be heard. To all you parents out there, now’s your chance to flip-the-script and learn effective communication techniques along with lie-detection techniques. 

  • Learn the body language moves that show your kids you are really listening so they want talk to you
  • Spot the body language gestures that indicate your kid is tuning you out or holding back information
  • Uncover the real meaning of your kids’ words with the statement analysis techniques the pros use
  • Discover the difference between lying and emotional stress
  • Practice strategic questioning to hone in on the truth

Universities & Female College Students

Uncover Your Date’s Real Intentions to Keep Yourself Safe

Given that a sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the U.S., dating violence is a common, yet underreported problem. A little over 50% of sexual assaults go unreported to the authorities. With these alarming figures, every college student should know the signs of deception to protect herself from becoming another victim.

  • Learn the nonverbal secrets your date can use to manipulate you into believing he’s a good guy
  • Uncover your date’s intentions by examining his words for possible signs of deception
  • Practice strategic questioning to find out how he really feels

Personal Development Classes

Blanca Cobb Group Training SessionBlanca provides monthly classes which cover topics such as Separating Fact from Fiction, Using Body Language for Effective Communication, and others useful to parents, teens, retirees and professionals in their interpersonal relationships. These popular courses are open to anyone who has a personal interest in the topic.

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