When It Comes to Body Language, Feet are Like an Emotional Compass

Believe it or not, our emotions and intentions can be revealed through the position and action of our feet. Feet are like an emotional compass, in that our emotions dictate the direction are feet take. Our feet naturally turn towards the person with whom we are talking when we are enjoying the conversation. This magnetic […]

From Innocent Touches to Sexual: Know the Signs to Protect Your Children

When many parents hear the name “Sandusky,” a wave of nausea courses through their bodies as feelings of anger and disgust pulse through their veins. I’ve received many requests to talk about how parents can protect their children from sexual predators. On June 20, 2012, I gave an exclusive interview to Sheeka Strickland with Fox […]

John Edwards Press Conference Disconnect

During the trial, I’d been waiting to hear John Edwards explain his lack of knowledge about his campaign fund contributions and about the money funneled to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter. I don’t understand how he couldn’t have known Hunter was living in a multi-million dollar mansion and jet setting in private planes […]