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Blanca Cobb is a regularly-featured guest expert for local news and national media. Below are a representative sample of some of her recent interviews on current topics.

Recent Interview:

Blanca Cobb talking about Lance Armstrong’s body language with Frank Mickens of WFMY News2.

blanca cobb analyzes oprah's interview with lance armstrong


News Media Interviews:

Lance Armstrong – Oprah Interview

Surviving the Holidays

Presidential Candidates: President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney

Vice-Presidential Debate:

John Edwards:

Child Sexual Predators like Jerry Sandusky:

Colorado Theatre Shooter:

Morning Show Appearances:

Media Quotes:

John Edwards:

  • NBC 17 (news article)
    (On the link, you’ll see a video only of John Edwards walking. The quote is in the text underneath the video.)

National Magazines:

President Obama and First Lady Obama:

Celebrity Couples’ Body Language:

Men’s Body Language Cues:

International Magazines:

Identifying Liars in Politics: