Chest Thump and Chant to Calm Your Nerves

I loved the brilliant movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.” When I saw the chest thumping chant scene between Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio, I was addicted to the rhythm. For several days, I chest thumped while I hummed in a deep voice. No matter where I was or who was around, I repeatedly re-enacted […]

Stop Obsessive Love

Ways to Stop an Obsessor Lover What started out as a whirlwind romance has turned into a destructive twister. The intensity of the attention, affection and time spent with an obsessor is draining. It seems like everywhere you turn the obsessor is watching you. Your requests for space are met with accusations of not understanding […]

The Obsessor – a Psychological Demon Disguised as Love

I use the phrase ‘psychological demons disguised as love’ when I talk about people who have disturbed romantic beliefs. You’d be surprised to know the number of people who’ve felt trapped in unhealthy relationships at some point in their lives. In my work with clients and in casual conversations, I’ve noticed certain behavioral patterns of […]

What Impression Am I Giving By Crossing My Arms?

Blanca, I’ve heard a lot of different things about what crossing your arms means and how you are perceived while crossing them. Some times that’s just what’s more comfortable for me, but I don’t want to give the wrong impression. What’s your take on this?  Chris, 21, University Student   Chris, You’re in good company […]

Body Language Tips To Survive Family Holidays

The December countdown can take the H-O-L-L-Y out of your D-A-Y-S when you celebrate with your family. You connive strategies to cope with your family drama. Besides the old standby, ‘el vino’, to make it through the day, you imagine bursting through the door just when everyone is sitting down to dinner. Or, you fake […]

Breaking Down Juror E7’s Lies

Let’s examine the lies from potential juror E7 in the Zimmerman murder trial. As reported by ABC news, potential juror E7 denied having extensive knowledge of the case. The attorneys found evidence in E7’s post “I CAN tell you THIS. ‘Justice’…IS Coming” on the “Coffee Party Progressives” Facebook page. Even if the attorneys didn’t have […]

Paula Deen Isn’t Dishing Sincerity In Her Apology

Nadia Bilchik, CNN editorial producer, called me requesting my analysis of Paula Deen’s apology of using racial slurs. I analyzed Paula’s second video apology, the one she gave after missing her Today Show interview with Matt Lauer. Paula’s body language tells a story of stress and anxiety. While she was talking, Paula held her clasped hands […]

Minimizing Deception in the “George Zimmerman” Jury Selection

The name “George Zimmerman” evokes a range of emotions from anger to sadness.  Since February 2012, national headlines have bombarded us with the audiotape of the 911 call, questions of self-defense vs. murder, police investigative corruption and racism. The initial stages of jury selection in the George Zimmerman murder trial began yesterday. Zimmerman, a now […]

Top 3 Body Language Signs He’s Into You

The old cliché: You meet a guy. You think you hit it off.  He gets your digits, yet the phone never rings. You ask yourself: “What went wrong?” Imagine taking action by flipping-the-script. Wouldn’t it be great if you could immediately spot the tell-tale signs of male attraction? It may be easier than you think […]

When It Comes to Body Language, Feet are Like an Emotional Compass

Believe it or not, our emotions and intentions can be revealed through the position and action of our feet. Feet are like an emotional compass, in that our emotions dictate the direction are feet take. Our feet naturally turn towards the person with whom we are talking when we are enjoying the conversation. This magnetic […]